wall maps of the world

World Wall Map Poster Mural Decorator Edition

$ 16.95

World Scratch off Map Discovery Edition

$ 23.9

World Map With Wood Texture Wall Mural Photo Wallpaper Giant Poster

$ 59.99

World Map Water Colours Poster 61x91cm Home Decor

$ 19.89

World Map Wallpaper Woven Self-Adhesive Wall Art Mural Decal

$ 24.99

World Map Wall Stickers Vinyl Prints Office Decor

$ 23.99

Wall maps are traditional decorations for walls around the world. They are both educational and very appealing. If you have a room with wall space a wall map of the world could be the perfect addition to your room. Why choose a wall map? What kinds of wall maps are available?

Wall Maps For Every Wall

Wall maps come in a wide variety of designs. Traditional world maps are one of the most common designs out there, maps that appear as if they came off an old cartographers table. You can also get simple maps that have bright colors and nice designs.

Just about any room could want a map to hang in, there is a matching design available. That includes various sizes.


Classrooms And Professional Uses

You will also find many wall maps of the world used in professional settings around the world. Classrooms in every educational level have references back to various parts of the world and a map can be a great teaching tool. And if you are a business, a world map on the wall can help you to quickly plot routes, find locations, and conduct business.


Different Types Of Wall Maps Of The World

There are various different types of wall maps of the world. All of them we are offering right here on our site. Each map has its own use so we have created a quick list to help you determine which one is right for you.


Laminated Wall Maps Of The World

Laminated wall maps of the world are typically posters that are laminated. The lamination makes them overall more durable. You can also draw with whiteboard markers and wet erase markers on laminate wall maps. Because of the versatility of these maps they are one of the most popular.


Scratch-Off Wall Maps Of The World

A scratch-off wall map of the world features different countries and locations with scratch-off covers. When you scratch off the area, it reveals a different design. These are most commonly used when you want to track where in the world you have been. Couples and kids especially love these maps because they are great for memories.


Poster Wall Maps Of The World

Traditional poster wall maps of the world are printed on special paper that doesn’t bend easily. However, posters will bend and can be marked up. They are cheaper alternatives and are still beautiful options for wall maps of the world. A poster wall map of the world is right up there next to laminated wall maps of the world as the most popular.

Sticker Wall Maps Of The World

As opposed to wall maps of the world that you hang up a sticker wall map of the world is exactly that, a sticker that is placed on the wall. Wall stickers have become increasingly more popular and can be found in places where tenants are not allowed to put holes in the wall. They can also stick to surfaces other than walls.


Mural Wall Maps Of The World

Murals take a lot of different forms when it comes to wall maps. Most murals are more artistic than posters and some of them are even painted. Murals are more expensive but they are also far more attractive and long term options for many places.

Wall maps of the world are great options for decorations and educational tools. They can also be used in a wide variety of professional settings. Look through the various options and you will likely be able to find one that matches your needs.